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Accessing Ornaments and CE Accented Characters in OpenType

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Font Installation Instructions
  Macintosh OSX
OpenType and Type1 Font Installation
("Native" for Carbon/Cocoa Applications)
Macintosh OS 8.x, OS 9.x and Classic
Classic OpenType and Type1 Font Installation
Requires ATM (Adobe Type Manager)
Download ATM Lite
Font Installation Instructions
  Windows 7
TrueType, PostScript, and OpenType Font Installation
Windows ME, 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP
TrueType Font Installation
Windows 2000 and XP
OpenType and Type1 Font Installation
Windows 95, 98, ME and NT
OpenType and Type1 Font Installation
Requires ATM (Adobe Type Manager)
Download ATM Lite
TrueType Screen Display Settings
  Recommended Windows Settings for Best Screen Display of our TrueType Fonts:

Windows NT, 98 and 2000

Windows XP

Windows Vista

How to access Small Caps and other features in OpenType fonts
The OpenType format incorporates small caps, ligatures, old style numerals lining numerals, and other typographic features within one font file. Therefore, accessing these features requires an application which supports OpenType typographic features, such as Adobe InDesign.

Features, such as small caps, are accessed through a special menu instead of selecting the small caps font from the font menu.
For example, in InDesignCS2 the Small Caps feature is located here, under the "Type" Menu:
Type/Character/Small Caps

To activate the OpenType menu:
Locate the "Character" palette.
If the Character palette is not open, go to: Type/Character
Click the small triangle inside of the circle (located in the top right corner of the "Character" palette - this is at the far right of the row that contains: Transform Paragraph Character >

Simply select the text in your document and activate the desired feature from the Character menu.

Activated features appear with a check mark.
Unavailable features appear in square brackets []

Note that some features are located in the OpenType sub menu.
For example, discretionary ligatures are accessed here:
Type/Character/OpenType/Discretionary Ligatures