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Emigre 1
The Magazine That Ignores Boundaries (1984)




The focus of Emigre is on the unique perspective of contemporary poets, writers, journalists, graphic designers, photographers, architects, and artists who live or have lived outside their native countries. Their influence on culture is diverse and significant: they import it and export it; they offer new interpretations, comparisons, ideas, and a certain universal wisdom acquired through juggling conflicting values and lifestyles. Their perspective is born of the �migr� spirit that all of us share but exercise to various degrees. The true �migr�s seek adventuresome, romantic, and human experiences; their lives convey the feelings shared by the artist in us all, the feeling of boundaries ignored and the pursuit of dreams.

This first issue of Emigre features work by John Hersey, Menno Meyjes, Jacques Overhoff, Terry Trucco, Rudy VanderLans, Marc Susan, Gavin Flint, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Tom Klinkowstein and many others.