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Emigre 31
Raising Voices (1994)




If the future of graphic design is wide open, then nowhere are the challenges and responsibilities of how to deal with this ever-changing field greater than within design education. How to create a design curriculum that would sufficiently prepare a design student for life after school, as we are moving into the next millennium, is a hotly debated topic.

This issue does not claim to have a shining answer, nor does it offer an objective, balanced view of the state of design education in America today. Instead, it hopes to uncover what it is that makes the four featured young design educators tick, and how they each deal with the complexities and challenges of teaching. It is representative only in a sense that it features teachers from a variety of schools: Diane Gromala, a Yale graduate teaching at the University of Texas; Kali Nikitas, a CalArts graduate teaching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Michael Rock, a RISD graduate teaching at Yale; and Andrew Blauvelt, a Cranbrook graduate teaching at North Carolina State University.