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Emigre 56
The Emigre Legacy: 16 Years of Graphic Design Production (2000)




In this issue Emigre looks at its 16 year legacy and doesn't like what it sees. Has the damage been done, or is there still hope? See for yourself as Emigre scrambles for redemption.

Emigre 56 is also the testing ground for a brand new typeface designed by Rodrigo Cavazos. Eidetic was first self-published but is re-released as Eidetic Neo by Emigre in an updated and expanded version. Initially drawn to "meet classicism halfway," the making of Eidetic proved too compelling for Cavazos so he "crossed that line and many others" and created a font that strikes the perfect balance between the classical and the vernacular.

Elliott Peter Earls submits his first in a another series of experiments titled "Notes from a Kultural Backwater." This series is a diary of sorts�field notes that will keep us abreast of his many graphic adventures.

Plus, in an election year it is difficult to remain non-political, even as a graphic designer. After an absence of one issue, our readers have once again come through by filling another three pages of the "Readers Respond" section, including additional letters in response to the First Things First Manifesto 2000, the political topic that won't die.