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Emigre Magazine Volumes (Issues #33-49)


To celebrate the publication of its 50th issue Emigre has put together 100 case-bound sets (2 volumes each) containing "The Small Issues Series," Emigre 33 through 49. This collection of 17 issues gives a thorough and indepth overview of the heated debates that raged throughout graphic design in the 1990s. These are also the issues that have won Emigre inclusion in the very first I.D. Forty, the Chrysler Award for Innovation in Design, The AIGA Gold Medal Award, and the Charles Nypels Award for Excellence in Typography.

This set includes the "collectors" issues Emigre 38 and 42 (Regular price $50 each), as well as the original type specimen booklets introducing Whirligig and The Apollo Program Font Set.


Available Back Issues:

[63] [61] [59] [58] [54] [48] [47] [46] [45] [44] [42] [16]

Volume 1 (Issues #33-41)
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