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ShowTime #1  04.01.2013

Typeface: Modula Ribbed
Client: New Directions
Design Studio: Steve Attardo
Country: U.S.A

After making and selling type for nearly 30 years, we come across our fonts in use everywhere we go. For a while we actively collected samples. Designers would send us their work showing their use of Emigre fonts, and we would buy books that we would never read but since they used our fonts we had to have them. This collection soon became impossible to manage, and somewhat expensive to upkeep, and we've since let it slide.

The use of our fonts has only increased over the years, and we are eager to catch up and share some of the best examples of Emigre fonts in use. We'll be posting a number of favorites here on our News Page in the coming days and plan to make it a recurring feature.

Have you used Emigre fonts? Send us your proudest productions. If we like what we see, we'll post them here. Please send image files to (72 dpi jpg files only).


Talk of the Town  03.29.2013

Here's a round-up of recent mentions of Emigre in the press.

Check out Steven Heller's essay on Emigre in The Atlantic. The intro states: "Emigre Fonts, the cutting-edge type creators of the Macintosh revolution have become elder statesmen in a now-crowded field." The part about the field being crowded sure rings true to us.

Also, two of our recent type specimen catalogs struck a nerve with Eye magazine. Design critic Rick Poynor reviewed the Historia catalog, and Eye editor John Walters waxes poetic about The Collection catalog.


Cataloguing Emigre Magazine  10.17.2012

Between 2001-2006, the Goldstein Museum of Design at the University of Minnesota added a full set of Emigre magazines to its collection, which provided a significant anchor for GMD’s graphic design collection. This acquisition, guided by Professor Steven McCarthy, was made possible by the Anne Brey Fund. In total, Emigre published 69 issues between 1984 and 2005. Subversive and sophisticated, its founders Rudy VanderLans and Zuzana Licko – together with numerous designers, writers and artists – assisted in elevating typography and graphic design to a serious and respected field of study.

In 2011, GMD awarded its annual Joss Internship to MFA graduate student Jessica Barness (currently Assistant Professor at Kent State University), who devised a project that meticulously mined the contents of Emigre. By creating an online interface, others are allowed to see the impressive breadth of contributions over the publication’s 22 year existence. This interactive index focuses on connections between issues, people and the original typefaces used throughout the magazine.


Celebrate 65  09.06.2012

To celebrate its sixty-fifth anniversary and its sponsorship of typographic excellence, the Type Directors Club has published Celebrate 65, a portfolio of inspirational work by prominent type designers, graphic designers, letterers, calligraphers, and artists. The sixty-five contributors were invited to submit a design for one number between one and sixty-five.

The featured designers come from more than twenty-five countries and include such celebrated names as Marian Bantjes, Neville Brody, Sonya Dyakova, Louise Fili, Ruben Fontana, Milton Glaser, Henrik Kubel, Niklaus Troxler, Underware, Sharon Werner, and Bai Zhiqei.

Emigre was honored to collaborate on this project and was assigned to design a page using the number 38. While looking for a design angle, it suddenly occurred to us that the TDC was founded in 1946 and that they celebrated their 38th anniversary in 1984. What a coincidence! Nobody realized it then, but that year type would be revolutionized, and we started Emigre.

Congratulations TDC!


Back to School Special  08.22.2012

Attention design teachers! Free Type Specimen Catalogs for Design Schools and Type Design Programs. (U.S. only, while supplies last.)

If you teach typography or type design and you have an interest in giving your students sample type specimens, we are happy to send you copies of our catalogs free of charge.

Emigre's award winning type specimen catalogs are a great resource to learn about type design. Our specimens explain the process behind the design of fonts, featuring an abundance of preliminary sketches, illustrations and how the fonts can be used.

Just send an email to with your name, school affiliation, address to ship, phone number, and number of students in your class, and we will ship out the catalogs free of charge anywhere within the continental U.S.


Clutter  08.20.2012

From time to time we receive requests to post specific essays from Emigre magazine on our website. One such essay that has received multiple requests is "To go about noisily: Clutter, writing and design" by Steve Baker. It was first published in Emigre #35 in 1995. Since that issue was produced before electronic page layouts became the norm (the layouts were pasted on boards, no electronic version exists), we've been tardy in our response to post it on line. Yet the enthusiasm for the essay never subsided. Tired of waiting for us to act, two big fans of the essay, design instructor John McVey and design critic Rick Poynor, combined efforts to finally make the essay available, with Poynor taking it a step further and providing his own take on the topic of clutter in an essay published on Design Observer titled "The Never-ending Struggle against Clutter." Check out the Poynor article and link to a PDF version of the original Clutter essay on the DO site.


Designers & Books   08.22.2012

Designers & Books is devoted to posting lists of books that esteemed members of the design community have identified as personally important, meaningful, and formative. From Vitruvius to William Morris to Frank Lloyd Wright to Edith Wharton to Le Corbusier to Paul Rand, there has always been a particularly special and robust relationship between designers and books: reading them, writing them, designing them, collecting them, learning from them, and being inspired by them. Designers & Books celebrates that relationship.

Check out the list recently submitted by Emigre's Type Director Zuzana Licko.


Typopassage Timisoara  08.10.2012

A few days after we posted the "TypeFace" graffiti mural in the Romanian city of Timisoara, we received a very nice and enthusiastic email from Ovidiu Hrin, one of the designers behind this effort, who gave us the following background information on this visual homage to type designers.

"Typopassage Timisoara is a micro museum located in a public space, dedicated to graphic design and the art of shaping letters. It's the first international extension of Typopassage Vienna initiated by the genius Ovidiu Hrin and Bauer Konzept & design. One of the walls is hosting the actual exhibition and the other one is the Typowall where each year the organizers invite a graffiti artist to depict the faces of some of the most significant type designers. TPTM launched the Typ'O'wall in 2011. It is a 28 square meters graffiti covering the entire wall of the passage, with the concept of the artwork related to typography. Last year's subject 'TypeFace,' was brought to life by the artist Jones."

We were actually incorrect about one of the portraits in the photo. The typeface designers featured were 1. Erik Spiekermann, 2. Zuzana Licko, 3. Peter Bilak, 4. Herb Lubalin, and 5.Wim Crouwel.

Above are some additional photos to get a better sense of this unique event.


Emigre in Brno  07.24.2012

As part of the 25th International Biennial of Graphic Design in Brno 2012, designer Jon Sueda was invited to organize an exhibit featuring the work of California designers. Instead of creating a region-based exhibition aimed to capture significant work from The Golden State, "Work from California" focusses on "exceptional works that directly interpret or reflect upon California as subject matter. 'Work from California' offers a portrait of America’s 31st state through the lens of graphic design. It examines the fascination that graphic designers have with California culture, as well as revealing something of the context, attitudes, and people involved, and the history of the place where the work was made."

We're proud to have our work featured along that of many of our California friends and colleagues such as Bob Aufuldish, Ed Fella (See graphic above), Green Dragon Office, Mr. Keedy, Geoff McFetridge, McSweeney’s, Mike Mills, Gail Swanlund, Martin Venezky, and Volume Inc.

The show runs through October 28, 2012, at the Moravska Gallery, Brno.


Big in Romania  07.24.2012

We've come to accept the fact that as type designers we spend our life wallowing in obscurity and rarely receive public recognition for the work we do. So imagine our surprise when we received this photograph from our good friend and fellow type designer Peter Bilak, who stumbled across this graffiti mural in the Romanian city of Timisoara. Featuring Erik Spiekermann, Zuzana Licko, Peter Bilak, and we believe Herman Zapf. Viva La Type Revolution!




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