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Frequently Asked Font Licensing Questions

How does Emigre license its fonts?

What is a device?

Does Emigre offer site licensing for an unlimited number of output devices/ CPUs in one location?

What if the user controls and stores all their fonts from a central file server?

How far can I extend my font license?

Can I embed fonts into digital documents?

Does Emigre allow web fonts usage?

Are Emigre web fonts screen or web optimized?

Can I license Emigre fonts for games, online greeting cards, online applications, ebooks and ios apps?

What about sending files to a pre-press or printing service?

What if I don't like some letters in a font of yours, can I change them?

I need a font format that you don't support...

I love your fonts, but I can't afford to buy them...

How can I tell where a typeface comes from, and if its shareware?

What about crediting typefaces?

Can't I use pieces of your fonts, just like musicians sample music?

I bought one of your fonts, can't I do whatever I want with it?


For an overview of licensing, see: License Options