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Published by Éditions du Rouergue.
32 pages, Softcover, 6.75 X 8.625 inches.

Bagdad, Californie was commissioned as part of a series of artists books published by the French publisher Editions du Rouergue.

VanderLans had noticed the name Bagdad on the map a few times during his travels through the Mojave Desert. Enticed by the magic of place names, he enjoyed venturing to such spots just to see what’s there. What he often found was that the early desert settlers had vivid imaginations because there was usually a complete disconnect between the expectations raised by such exotic place names and what is actually there. The drive to develop and settle the desert, and its fantastical naming conventions to draw people to this inhospitable place, continues to this day. Bagdad, Californie is a playful documentation of a place where there’s no “there” there.

Published in French with English translation in back of book.