Emigre Magazine Issue 65

Emigre #65

If We're Standing on the Shoulders of Giants... (2003)
Sold Out

144 pages, 5.25 x 8.25.
Edition of 6,000.
Co-published by Princeton Architectural Press.
Printed at R.R. Donnelley and Sons, Harrisonburg, VA.
Editor and designer: Rudy VanderLans.

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, Turn up the Noise (essay).
, Helvetica Again (essay, and interviews with .)
, From a Concerned Citizen at Cranbrook (essay).
, Default Systems Design, interview with .
, Young Pups Old Pops (essay).
, Design Idol (essay).
, “You mean we have to read this?” (essay).
, Life During Wartime (essay).
, This Monkey's Gone to Heaven & If the Devil is Six Then God is Seven (essay).
, Legible? (essay, introduction by VanderLans).
, (mail, including David Cabianca, Ben Archer, Scott Santoro, and Rob Dewey).
, Helvetica Again (visual essay).