Emigre Magazine Issue 3

Emigre #3

The Magazine That Ignores Boundaries (1985)
Sold Out

32 pages, 11.625 x 17, plus poster, 22.5 x 32.5.
Edition of 3,000.
Printed at West Coast Print Center, Berkeley, CA.
Publishers: Rudy VanderLans (art director and designer),
Marc Susan (senior editor).
Associate publisher: Menno Meyjes.
Digital type design and typesetting: Zuzana Licko.

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, Autour du Mouvement Indien (photographs, text by ).
, Yul Brynner (digital portrait).
, A Homage to Grant Muruaga (poem: , paintings: Muruaga).
, Bye Bye Bohemians (essay).
, Back to Capetown, Part One: Leeuwen Street. (poem). PDF Download
, Samuel Beckett (portrait painting).
, The Odyssey of a Wop (short story).
, Boundaries Ignored (poster for Emigre Magazine Event #3 stapled into center).
(poem) and (photo collage).
, To the Russian Women (poem, with Russian translation).
, Tales of Exotica (cartoon strip).
, Self Portrait (photographs).
, Visions of a Childhood in Japan (paintings).
, Northwest 157 (poem).
, Predestination (short story, portrait painting: ).
, James Joyce (portrait painting).
, interview with . PDF Download
, The Death of Christopher Marlowe (screenplay for ballet). PDF Download
, Tea Time in Persia (back cover poem), (painting), (calligraphy).