Emigre Magazine Issue 4

Emigre #4

The Magazine That Ignores Boundaries (1986)
Sold Out

32 pages, 11.5 x 17, plus poster, 23 x 17.
Printed at West Coast Print Center, Berkeley, CA.
Publisher and art director: Rudy VanderLans;
Associate publishers: Menno Meyjes and Marc Susan.

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, Desi Arnaz (digital portrait).
, interview with .
, Vincent van Gogh (portrait spray painting).
, interview with .
, Ask the Dust (short story, excerpt).
, Escape Mechanism (short story).
, Motown over Moscow (short story).
, Emigre Magazine (promotional poster for Emigre magazine stapled into center).
, George Sand, an Appreciation (essay, portrait painting: ).
, His Master’s F... (cartoon strip).
, Magritte’s Hat (essay).
, Boundaries Ignored (poems).
, Alexandre Skriabin (portrait painting).
, Jim Morrison Revisited (photograph).
, The Cremation of Sam McGee (paintings, poem by ).