Emigre Magazine Issue 1

Emigre #1

A Magazine for Exiles (1984)
Sold Out

32 pages, 11.5 x 17.
Edition of 500.
Printed at West Coast Print Center, Berkeley, CA.
Publishers: Rudy VanderLans (art director and designer),
Marc Susan (editor), Menno Meyjes (editor),
Diane Julia Olberg (assistant editor).

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, Just like I pictured it (photographs).
, Immigrant X. (painting).
, Sumo, the Sport of Major Proportions (essay).
, Sundial, Torque (public art projects).
, Down and Back (cartoon strip).
, The Children’s Crusade (screenplay).
, One Pocket (short story with illustration by ).
, How we Communicate (text and illustrations).
, Emigre Poems.
, Passing Thoughts (essay).
, Being in Places (text and illustrations).
, Banzai! (back cover painting).