Emigre Magazine Issue 34

Emigre #34

The Rebirth of Design (1995)
Sold Out

64 pages, 8.25 x 11.25.
Printed at Cal Central, Sacramento, CA.
Editor and designer: Rudy VanderLans.
Emigre Fonts: Zuzana Licko.

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(including Pat Watson and Lorraine Wild).
, Introduction.
, Radical Commodities (essay).
, Spirit of the Times: Hangin’ at the Zeitgeist (essay).
, From Technology to Commodity. Where Do We Go from Here? Young Designers and the Contemporary State of Graphic Design (essay).
, Zombie Modernism. It Lives! (essay). PDF Download
, Dan Friedman’s Radical Modernism: The Dynamics of Inscription (a review).
, Dan Friedman: Radical Modernism (a review).
, Know Questions Asked. A Dialogue with Fellow Readers: Notes on Multiplied Language (review of Fellow Readers by Robin Kinross).