Emigre Magazine Issue 18

Emigre #18

Type-Site (1991)
Sold Out

36 pages, 11.25 x 16.75, plus poster, 22.25 x 32.5.
Edition of 6,500.
Printed at Lompa Printing, Albany, CA.
Designer and editor: Rudy VanderLans.
Typeface designs: Zuzana Licko.

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, Marvelous (typeface design).
, Phil Baines (introduction).
, Clear Enough to Read (typography and essay).
, interview with .
, In My Face (essay).
, Pierre di Sciullo (introduction).
, Quantage—Introduction and Across Illegibility (typographic explorations).
, Play with Toys (poster stapled into center).
, Is Best Really Better? (essay).
, Madam X (a story about type, drawings).
, Template Gothic (advertisement).