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Designed by Bob Aufuldish and Eric Donelan in 1994. More...

With these Zeitguys illustrations, Donelan and Aufuldish were interested in creating a conceptual set of dingbats. At the time, in the early 90s, it seemed to them that the dingbat and clip art fonts available were extremely literal in their meaning or had no meaning at all. They were a piece of cake, or a car, or a little snowflake. They wanted to make a set of icons where meaning was implied where there was none intended. That way, the meaning of the icons would change, over time, by the context in which they appeared, and by the images and texts in their proximity. After all, what does a bee with a hat really mean? The creators are anxious to find out, as the mind abhors a vacuum.

For more information about ZeitGuys, download the free type specimen.


ZeitGuys (126 Illustrations) $65.00

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ZeitGuys One

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ZeitGuys Two