Emigre Magazine Issue 36

Emigre #36

Mouthpiece 2 (1995)
Sold Out

64 pages, 8.25 x 11.25.
Printed at Cal Central, Sacramento, CA.
Guest editor, designer: Anne Burdick.
Production assistant: Rudy VanderLans.

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, A Few Principles of Typography (essay, design: Janssens).
, Criticism and the Politics of Absence (essay, design: Russ Bestley).
, Inter-Views: Feeding Squirrels to the Nuts (essay, design: VanderLans).
, Biting the Monster at Chimney Level (essay, design: Anne Burdick).
, Click (essay, design: Sandhaus).
, The Voyage of the Desire (essay, design: Mount).
, Introduction/Inscription (essay, design: Burdick).
, (mail, including Pat Watson, Mike Kippenhan, with a reply by VanderLans).
, The Social Space of the Page (essay, design: Brad Bartlett).
, Table Coffee Talk (essay, design: Koonts).
, Typography and Reference (essay, design: Anne Burdick).
, The Cyclic History of the Line (essay, design: Andrew Slatter and smletherland).