Emigre Magazine Issue 43

Emigre #43

Designers are People Too (1997)
Sold Out

64 pages, 8.375 x 10.875, plus poster, 22.5 x 32.75.
Edition of 50,000.
Printed at American Web, Denver, CO.
Publisher and designer: Rudy VanderLans.
Emigre Fonts: Zuzana Licko.

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, Introduction.
, The Trouble with Type (essay).
, Maggie Thatcher's Handbag (essay, design: Siân Cook).
, Base Monospace (typeface poster stapled into center). PDF Download
, Space Probe: Investigations into Monospace (essay). PDF Download
(mail, including Daniel X. O’Neil).
, Greasing the Wheels of Capitalism with Style and Taste or The “Professionalization”of American Graphic Design (essay). PDF Download
, Out of Context: Designists/Entrepreneurs and other/Utopians (essay, design: Gonzales Crisp).