Happily Ever After

Sample track : Ahearn

Happily Ever After


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CD in cardboard sleeve.
Produced and performed by Bob Green.
Recorded and mixed at home on a Macintosh.
Chris Grady, trumpet on “Something is Waiting”and “One Hundred Years.” James Rotondi, guitar on “The Innocent Criminal.”
This CD was originally published as part of Emigre magazine #61.
Album cover designed by Rudy VanderLans.

1. Something is Waiting
2. The Trial
3. Ahearn
4. Sabbath’s Theater
5. One Hundred Years
6. Insect
7. The Common Good
8. Piano Loop
9. The Innocent Criminal
10. As Empty as Eric
11. End of it All


“There’s a difference between someone having the same records as you and liking them for the same reasons. Back when those records by The Grassy Knoll first came out, it was like someone was hitting pause in the middle of some of the greatest moments in electric-era jazz and just reveling in them for the sheer sonic joy of it. So many musicians and listeners got hooked on the ego inherent in jazz fusion, but Bob Green has always been more focused on its meditative, introspective potential. He has little interest in bravado and showiness; he is more drawn to concentrated, mantra-like electronic explorations, sometimes venturing into ambient territory. At other times, he has formulated proto-mashups, combining familiar elements – he called them ‘adverse ideas’ when I interviewed him – into unexpected, ecstatic congruences.”

Marc Weidenbaum, Disquiet.com.