I-10 & W. AVE

Sample track : Beat Again

I-10 & W. AVE


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CD in cardboard sleeve.
Written and produced by Honey Barbara.
Ross Marlow: vocals, bass, keyboard and lyrics.
James Sidlo: guitars, loops and atmospherics.
Lisa Kuehl: drums and percussion.
Recorded and mixed by Honey Barbara at home in San Antonio Texas.
Digital Mastering by Bob “Dog”Catlin.
At Doghouse Audio Laboratories, San Antonio, Texas.
With contributions from Bob “Dog”Catlin, James Cobb, Gil Gonzales, John Hackett, Stephanie Key, Katja Kohler, David Mollenauer, Michelle Alma Quintero, Johnny Rodriguez, Mark Semmes, and Dan Tellez.
This CD was originally published as part of Emigre magazine #60.
Album cover designed by Rudy VanderLans.

1. Famous Animal
2. Bad Day
3. Sleep Late
4. Beddie ’Bye
5. Beat Again
6. Killer Duds
7. Low Birth
8. Invisible
9. Eye on You
10. How Bright the Sky
11. Pards
12. All Fall Down
13. Come Away
14. Ambush Chorus
15. Solid Returns
16. Arabesque
17. Renata