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Wave Grass

Sample track 3. Mystery of the Plain

Wave Grass


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CD in cardboard sleeve.
Written and produced by Honey Barbara.
Ross Marlow: keyboards, vocals, percussion and bass.
James Sidlo: 6-string baritone guitar, 12-string baritone guitar, fretless guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, cittern, guitar viol, glissentar, electro harp guitar, 8-string guitar, and resonator guitar.
Robert Potter: drums, percussion.
Terry Orff: bass.
Dan Tellez: guitars.
Recorded in San Antonio, Texas.
Mastered by Robert Catlin.
With contributions from Amanda Golden, Cari Palazzolo, Gail McDonald-Saenz, David Villarreal, Frank Villarreal, Morgen Johnson, Janet Feder, Ertan Torgul, Stephanie and Tom Pember.
Album cover designed by Rudy VanderLans.

1. Vivoras D’oro
2. Bazaar
3. Mystery of the Plain
4. On the Beach
5. And the Sea Will Give Up its Dead
6. She Guides Us Toward the Sun
7. The Longest Week
8. Unseen Girl
9. The Magician’s Wife
10. Farewell for Now
11. White Mountain
12. Baobab
13. Last Wave
14. Late in the Day
15. Driftwood