White Ceramic Bud Vase

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Handmade ceramic vase. White glaze over randomly carved texture.
This piece is a combination of wheel thrown and mold formed pieces. Hand assembled and glazed inside and out.
2" tall x 4" wide.
Clear glaze on inside.
2 inches tall.
Item No. 902.

Zuzana Licko’s one-of-a-kind vases are offered in a variety of colorful glazes applied to various shades of stoneware. Heights range from 2 to 12 inches.
All pieces are microwave safe, except for Raku items.
Please note that ceramic material is naturally porous.
New collections are put up for sale only twice a year. Due to limited numbers they sell out very quickly. So be sure to add your name to the Emigre Newsletter email list to be kept up to date on new offerings.

Read a short essay by Zuzana Licko about her work in type and ceramics.

A selection of Zuzana’s ceramics is available at:
Abrams Claghorn Gallery: 1251 Solano Avenue, Albany, California
Celery Space: 1714 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, California
SOBU: 5451 College Avenue, Oakland, California


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